Proposed Activities & Institutions in Punjab - call for participation

Proposed Activities & Institutions in Punjab - call for participation

Sri Adi Sankara (509-477 BCE) established Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam at Kanchipuram, about 2,500 years ago. He set in motion a comprehensive invigorating wave of spiritual renaissance by propounding the Advaita philosophy. He remains the beacon of spiritual knowledge and an icon of national integration. The great Acharya, toured the length and breadth of our nation with the sole purpose of rejuvenating Sanatana Vaidika Dharma, uniting people and propagating Advaita Philosophy through discourses & debates.

After undertaking several Digvijaya yaatras to re-establish Advaita Vedanta philosophy and Sanatana Dharma, in his 32 years of earthly sojourn, Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya finally came to Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram is one of the seven Mokshapuris in India and the only one in South India. During his stay in Kanchipuram, the Acharya consecrated the Srichakra Yantra in front of Devi Kamakshi, established the holy lineage of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and attained Siddhi (salvation) at the holy shrine of Sri Kamakshi Devi.

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham has an unbroken lineage of 70 Acharyas in the Guru Parampara. With the blessings of the acharyas, the mutt has been performing various activities to uphold Sanatana Dharma and its traditions. Additionally, various dharmic activities and projects are being carried out across the globe for the welfare of society.

The 70th Acharya of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya Swamiji has an immaculate focus on preservation of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma. His Holiness is making consistent long term efforts to protect and promote traditional Vedic study.

His Holiness visualised and created the Integrated Patashalas - A wonderful way for children and youth of our Nation to complete contemporary education along with Vedic study thereby enabling them to have an appreciation & upbringing in Dharmic ways of life.

Under His Holiness’s patronage, Kanchi Math runs traditional Ved Patashalas (Vedic schools) & integrated patashalas where more than 1000 boys and girls are being trained in both conventional education as well as Vaidika Dharma.

His Holiness works tirelessly for the wellbeing of our nation. He visualises a harmonious society built on the basis of Vaidika Dharma. He evinces keen interest in epigraphy and archaeology. He interacts with people of diverse cultures and assimilates their traditions and customs. His interest in cultural aspects of all Indian states, especially Kashmiri culture, North eastern culture and traditions, Sindhi and Parsi cultures is well known. He is keen to preserve and promote different scripts like Grantha, Sharda, Telugu and Gurumukhi.

His Holiness’s vision for Cultural oneness in Punjab

Punjab is one of the most vibrant states of our nation. All sections of society have always worked hand in hand in national interest and protection of human values and culture. Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Sanatana Dharma Cultural Centre’s endeavour is to strengthen these long lasting cultural ties and establish a cultural centre that supports and celebrates this harmonious relationship. The project is envisaged to be laid out at a significant cost and would include the following establishments:

Spiritual Centre

Spritual Centre

The centre's ideology and mission are to bring together the deep religious heritage from all regions across India.

The centre will have temples dedicated to various important and popular Gods of the Hindu pantheon. The centre will also have a unique and beautiful Navagraha temple dedicated solely to the Navagrahas (the nine planets), a common feature of all temples in South India but a rarity in North Indian temples.

Learning Centre / Satsang Hall

Satsang Hall

The centre would offer a perfect ambience for religious and scriptural learning. It is proposed to construct a Satsang Hall for holding regular Satsangs, Kirtans and various other religious discourses. The centre also proposes to work for national integration by bringing together religious leaders of various sects and Sampradayas. This will help bring about greater amity among the people of this great state.

Prayer Hall - ‘Yajnashala'

Prayer Hall

A Yajnashala will be constructed, where regular yajnas will be held to the chanting of mantras, thus creating conducive environs for the upliftment of the mind and the soul. Arrangements will be made for the conduct of Navagraha homams, Shanti homams, and yajnas for "Yogakshema' i.e. the well being, peace and prosperity of one and all.

Spiritual Tourism Centre

Spiritual Centre.jpg

A tourism centre dedicated to books, brochures and information regarding places of pilgrimage and temples spread across the length and breadth of our country. Here, complete and comprehensive information will be available on the religious importance of each place, how to reach there, the best mode of transport, the nearest airport/railway station, availability of places to stay as also its climate and weather. Information will also be available on important festivals like Kumbh Mela, Annual festivals (Brahmostavams) at temples, Makara Sankranthi, Sivarathri, Navarathri etc.

Spiritual Garden & Farm

Spiritual Garden and Farm

The centre will allocate an area within its premises for farming different types of grains and other produce like flowers, and herbs. This will help in providing self-sufficiency, availability and quality of Puja Samagri i.e. religious offering at the centre and medicinal herbs for the Ayurvedic clinic.



The centre will have a well-organised library where books on culture and philosophy, books on traditions practised by people belonging to different regions of India will be available. The library will feature a mix of the ancient scriptures, commentaries and their translation into various languages. It will also host a collection of books and authors who have tried to delve into the meaning of our ancient scriptures and practices and their relevance to modern times. In recent times spirituality has been sidelined as irrelevant, archaic and not in step with modern thinking. These books will open the readers' minds to the relevance of the universal truths which have been spoken about in our scriptures. The books will therefore act as a guide to incorporate a spiritual outlook that will help the readers in coping with everyday lives.

Yoga and Health Centre

Yoga & health Centre

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Yoga is a globally accepted practice to attain mental and physical fitness. The centre proposes to have an active Yoga centre on its premises. Trained Yoga teachers will conduct sessions for general health upkeep and also prescribe exercises for those who have specific health problems like spondylosis, arthritis, obesity, and diabetes. Also, there will be an Ayurvedic clinic meeting the needs of people who will like to have the traditional Indian way of medicine.veda-patshalas

Sanskrit Learning Centre

The cultural centre proposes to set up a
Veda Pathashala, where children from a young age will be taught Sanskrit, the chanting of mantras and the Vedas. Learning Sanskrit will help the students understand and appreciate the Vedic hymns better. It will also expose their young minds to the greatness of our scriptures, the thoughts, science and philosophy therein. This could potentially motivate the students to undertake a serious study of the ancient texts (shastras). They can use this knowledge to live and motivate others to live holistic and balanced lives that are in harmony with the environment and nature. Sanskrit has had a major influence on several languages like Telugu, Kannada and Marathi and can be a great integrating factor. Sanskrit is also acknowledged the world over to be the most computer-friendly language.


Centre for lassical Music

The centre would have an active performing arts division that would often conduct traditional and Indian folk music concerts and events to encourage musicians from all over India and also to spread awareness regarding the various art forms across different Indian traditions.

Books and Gift Store

Book store

There will be a gift and souvenir shop where visitors can pick up religious souvenirs like idols and pictures of Gods, lockets, incense sticks, audio/ video CDs and DVDs of mantra chanting, bhajans and lectures by gurus etc. Books detailing India's religious history, diverse culture and traditions, their true interpretations, the scientific knowledge available in our ancient scriptures, biographies and autobiographies of our saints and gurus etc., will be available for distribution and sale.

Centre for Sustainable Development

This centre proposes to use a substantial percentage of donations received for various projects related to Charity. This will include the following initiatives:

  • Education for the underprivileged
  • Providing financial assistance to deserving students who are from modest economic backgrounds.
  • Teaching vocational skills to the poor and needy to upskill them and increase their employability
  • Helping poor sections of society generate self-employment and thereby making them financially independent and self-reliant.

Centre for the Body, Mind and Soul


The centre will provide a platform for like-minded people to study and discuss the various facets of Indian culture. Religious leaders and learned pandits in the centre’s library might be helpful in this endeavour. The premises will host sprawling green trees infusing a spiritual and calm ambience with profound Vedic chants always reverberating in the environs and the fragrance of temple incense wafting through the breeze. People can meditate, contemplate and learn sitting amid nature. The centre would cater equally to the needs of the young, the old, the middle-aged, the religious, the intellectuals, the rich, and the poor, thereby making it a centre of real integration!


Kanchi Math has been publishing Navagraha Stotras and other shlokas transliterated in Punjabi language for the daily parayan of devotees in Punjab. These stotras are freely distributed to the devotees across all events. Parayan and chanting of these stotras overtime develops a good spiritual routine and develops a positive vibrant atmosphere. Kanchi mutt is also in the process to publish several Adi Sankara Stotras for free distribution.


Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham in Punjab

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham has been taking steady steps toward building harmony while embracing & celebrating the cultural ethos that exists in our country. His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamiji and His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamiji have both travelled in Punjab extensively in the year 1997 along with Sri Chandramouleshwara pooja and blessed the people of the state.

Earlier in 1992, with the blessings of Kanchi Acharyas, Sri Karthikeya Swami temple was established at Chandigarh. Subsequently, both the Acharyas visited the temple and blessed the devotees during their tour in 1997.

In 2012, the Sankara Super speciality eye care facility was established in Ludhiana. The semi-urban setup covers 22 districts of Punjab giving it maximum coverage and is actively involved in engaging local communities and social organisations. It serves the underprivileged and reaches out to the rural poor in the remote areas of Punjab.

The Kanchi mutt started a trust named - ‘Punjabi Dharamshala & Dharam Vidya trust’. As part of its main activities, the trust also encourages and supports deserving students from Gurunanak College, Chennai by offering them a scholarship to pursue higher education. It is also planned to undertake translation and publication of books on our Dharma in Punjabi

Commemoration of Adi Sankaracharya Jayanti in 2023.

Pujya Shankaracharyas

In April 2023, Sankar Jayanti was celebrated with great fervour in Amritsar and Chandigarh. Devotees participated with enthusiasm and made it a memorable and divine occasion. Sahasra Kalas Rudra Abhisekam, Navagraha Havan, Avahanti Havan, Sankaracharya stotras, Upanishad and Ved parayan were organised during this event. A celebratory Sobha yatra was performed for Sri Adi Sankara. Upanishad Parayan and Vishnu sahasra naam parayan was also performed during this event. More than 500 families actively participated in this event and received Anna Prasad.
Shankar Jayanti at Punjab
Shankar Jayanti at Punjab

The project in Punjab will not only benefit the citizens of the state but also cater to the spiritual aspirations of devotees and spiritual aspirants across the country. We solicit your support and active participation in translating this vision and guidance of His Holiness into action.

Other Activities:

  1. Translation and Publication of books on our Dharma in Punjabi
  2. Conducting various havans and pujas for the peace and prosperity of the entire society
  3. Educational Scholarships for deserving and needy students


Account details for Donation:


Account Number : 64184267388 (Current Account)

IFSC Code: SBIN0000853

Branch: Kancheepuram

UPI ID: kanchikamakotipunjabidharmasala@sbi

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  • Contributions are eligible for Income Tax exemption u/s 80(g) *

Contact details:

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Punjabi Dharmashala & Dharma Vidya Trust
(Charitable Trust registered u/s 12 A and 80(G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961)

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham,
No.1, Salai Street, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - 631502.

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Some quotes from Adi Sankara’s Prasnottara Ratna Malika (Question – Answer-Gem Necklace) in Sanskrit, which is meant to elevate the seeker, by providing answers to doubts that may arise in the mind of the devotees:
Adi Shankaracharya - Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam

What is the most desirable for human beings?   Life dedicated to one’s and others’ welfare.
What is Charity? Expecting no return.  
What do those who have destroyed dark ignorance specially urge repeatedly?   Charity along with sweet words, knowledge with humility, courage with patience, wealth with renunciation. These four auspicious things are hard to attain.